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Nichols Stallion 45 MKII Cap Pistol
with Holster and Dyna-Mite Derringer

ITEM 8802

  • Nichols Stallion 45 Mark II cap gun with leather holster and Dyna-Mite Derringer with clip

  • Stallion 45 cap pistol is in fine condition with light wear -- has 6 original Nichols TOY bullets loaded in cylinder -- acrylic display stand included

  • Dyna-Mite Derringer is in excellent condition with bullet clip belt holster and original box with 3 original Nichols PLAY bullets

  • Highly hand crafted all leather Holster includes ammo belt with 18 loops including 10 TOY PLAY 45 bullets

  • Print of Nichols Stallion 45 dealer ad with easel stand also included

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