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ToyTent Antique and Collectible Toys
Toys in Miniature
Miniatures   |  Ornaments
50-Year Calendar Medallion Necklace
ITEM 8687
Chome & stainless steel calendar pendant
Alien Clock
ITEM 1771
Miniature space clock.
Aliens from Outer Space
ITEM 3417
Flicker eye miniatures. Hong Kong
Apache Miniature Cap Rifle
ITEM 8516
Redondo Spain
Astronaut Space Pilot Compass Wings
ITEM 3858
Metal pinback badge on card
Barbie Luggage Case
ITEM 8383
with assorted cases and accessories
Battle Set Paper Punch-out Tanks
ITEM 8845
with green army men
Blue Q Badges Ray Gun
ITEM 2692
Space pistol pin in acrylic case
 ITEM 664
Colorforms playset plus keychain
Cap Bomb Rocket
ITEM 3721
Boxed. Japan
Car Set
ITEM 5252
Miniature Fire Chief - Red Cross - U.S. Mail
Compass Wings & Tin Whistle
ITEM 30017
with acrylic case
Davy Crockett Arrowhead
ITEM 6638
Daisy arrowhead with suede lanyard
Diamond Planet Robot with Propeller Cap
ITEM 1769
Super detailed miniature one-of-a-kind robot
Diamond Planet White-knob Wind-up
ITEM 1783
Miniature walking robot. Boxed.
Drumming Robot White-knob Wind-up
ITEM 1895
Toy Market at ATC miniature. Boxed.
Elephant with Circus Ball
ITEM 5743
Miniature white-knob style wind-up
Felix the Cat Dexterity Puzzle
ITEM 6450
Pocket watch style jiggle puzzle
Frontier Cap Pistol
ITEM 8517
Florida's Weeki Wachee Souvenir
Galaxy Warrior White-knob Wind-up
ITEM 1785
Miniature walking robot. Boxed.
Jet Fighter Take-Apart Puzzle
ITEM 3815
Boxed with instructions
Jet Rocket Take-apart Puzzle
ITEM 3810
Boxed with instructions
Jumping Rabbit
ITEM 8529
Spring-up plastic bunny
Kolynos Space Man in his Supersonic Jet Rocket
ITEM 3806
Advertising premium with Kolynos toothpaste and framed ad
Laika Space Dog
ITEM 8326
Miniature Pluto ramp walker
Lego Figures
ITEM 8557
Lot of rare figuers & accessories
Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary
ITEM 30014
plus lot of parts in LEGO case
Lost in Space Robot Charm Necklace
ITEM 1955
Miniature copper tone robot in glass dome
Marx Brothers Porcelain Trinket Boxes
ITEM 6491
Harpo, Chico & Groucho Marx hinged ring box set
Missile Compass & Bubble Ray Gun
ITEM 3898
Dimestore space toys made in Japan
Mr. Atomic 4" wind-up silver
ITEM 1431
Japan. Boxed.
Mr. Kitahara's Robots
ITEM 1384
Diecast miniatures Volume 2 with Secret Robot
The Mummy
ITEM 6372
Little Bigheads figures with shrines & Topps movie monster cards
Popeye Charms
ITEM 6570
Set of 7 comic character anchor charms
R-35 miniature with custom box
ITEM 1805
Diecast robot with scaled-to-sized TrueReplica Box
Red Ryder Arrowhead
ITEM 6636
Daisy arrowhead with suede lanyard
Robby the Robot Blaster Pistol Necklace
ITEM 3606
in keepsake box with miniature Forbidden Planet poster
Robert the Robot Flippo Flashlight
ITEM 1972
with miniature Atomic Robot Man keychain charm
Robot Flying Saucer
ITEM 1798
White-knob UFO with robot pilot. Boxed.
Robot Game Pieces
ITEM 1920
Four robot pawns boxed set
Rocket Gun Space Ranger
ITEM 3959
Best Products space figure with rocket launcher
Rocket Gun Space Rangers
ITEM 3960
Best Products spacemen on card
Smoking Spaceman Robot Charm Necklace
ITEM 1957
Miniature copper tone robot in glass dome
Sonicon Rockets
ITEM 5239
Kitahara Collection miniatures
Space Adventure Framed Jigsaw Puzzle
ITEM 3863
with Bruder whistle, Sinclair rocket and miniature ray gun
Space Man & Rocket
ITEM 3713
Hong Kong plastic
Space Men
ITEM 3243
Set of 3 figures. Hong Kong
Spacemen & UFO
ITEM 3814
Space men & woman with aliens and miniature Flying Saucer
Space Patrol Wings
ITEM 8283
Commander Buzzy Corry wings pin
Superman Flashlight Whistle with compass
ITEM 6591
with miniature Superman figure
Space Gun Take-Apart Puzzle
ITEM 30023
Pal Plastics keychain puzzle on card
Tetsujin Flying Saucer
ITEM 1782
miniature white-knob wind-up
Tetsujin Tank
ITEM 1780R
miniature white-knob wind-up
Tetsujin Tank
ITEM 1780S
miniature white-knob wind-up
Tobor Robot Cereal Premium
ITEM 1973
Nabisco premium with display ad
U.S. Navy Frogmen
ITEM 8212
Deep sea diver playset
Western Lawman Tin Badge Set
ITEM 5230
Set of 12 on card
Antique Toy Box Ornament Set
ITEM 8220
4 miniature toy box ornaments
Christmas Cootie Ornament
ITEM 7272
with Santa cootie-catcher game
Delivery Truck ornament
ITEM 5279
Kitahara Collection
Drumming Rabbit ornament
ITEM 5274
Kitahara Collection
Newsboy ornament
ITEM 5275
Kitahara Collection
Robot Parade
ITEM 185
Hallmark Year 2000 Robot Ornament
Sedan ornament
ITEM 5280
Kitahara Collection
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