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Giant Shooting Robot & Son

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Space Toys Robots Ray Guns Games and puzzles
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At we have over 20 years experience buying, selling and collecting vintage toys from around the world. Explore our collection of wind-up toys, battery operated toys, robots, ray guns, space toys, vehicles, military toys, cap guns, cowboy collectibles, puzzles, games and more. We are the makers of TOYTENT TrueReplica Boxes. See our one-of-a-kind creations, too!

About our featured items
July 2, 2020

Giant Shooting Robot & Son is a unique set with a signed John Rigg battery operated custom-made Shooting Giant Robot and a miniature wind-up Son! This set includes dart gun and darts for the special target shooting feature ... see movie!

Previously featured items

Whistle, sparkle and splash! Sailors and landlubbers alike will take a shine to this Bantamlite Popeye Whistling Flashlight with lanyard. Just in time for holiday fireworks we feature the J. Chein Popeye Sparkler vintage tin friction toy in fine working condition. And to bring back those summer dimestore memories what better than a set of vintage Popeye Water Pistols made in Japan.

The T.P.S. friction powered Satellite Fleet is a rare version of the space ship parade toy from the 1960s, here with original box. A space man's kit is truly complete with this sparkling tin friction sparkling Space Pistol made in Japan by TS.

On the go with fun tin toys from the past! From Japan, the Mikuni Circus Clown on Horse has a funny jumping action. Swift's Premium Ham Pig on Scooter is a humorous advertising premium with wind-up eccentric action. Marx Friction Tiger Kart with Tony the Tiger was made in Japan for Marx Toys 1966.

This custom Ultraman Ray Gun with compass is a 3D printed prop pistol and comes with posable robot figure.

The robot Sparkle Squad is a set of three plastic walking wind-up toy made in Hong Kong. Sparks fly from their mouths!

1960s Saturday morning cartoon fans love this Jetsons Family Spaceship with talking Rosie the Robot Maid.

!950s kids will recognize this Howdy Doody Time Ingraham Howdy Doody wristwach -- it's still ticking and comes with standee display.

1940s radio fans who were members of the Secret Circle know this Radio Orphan Annie 1940 Decoder Pin is a must have item -- here with custom stand, Ovaltine drink shaker and a vintage wind-up Sandy the dog tin toy!

Shazam! Captain Marvel Lightning Race Cars is a set of four tin wind-up cars each with an image of flying Captain Marvel, comic book hero of the 1940s. Also known as Shazam, Captain Marvel was first introduced as Billy Batson, boy reporter, and went on to become a hero of Golden Age comics. The tin wind-up steerable racing cars were made in 1947 by the Automatic Toy Co. of Staten Island, NY and are offered here with our TOYTENT TrueReplica™ display box with insert.

Let's go boldly into to outer space! T.P.S. Flash Space Patrol is a battery operated tin toy tank with mystery action, whirling propeller and flashing lights.

This charming Marionette Theatre has celuloid troubador clown with guitar and dancing girl with tambourine. An early Kuramochi (CK) toy from Japan.

Junior spacemen can explore distant realms and see smiling Martian faces with the Stevens Space Orb Kaleidoscope. Get tagged for the space race with vintage rub-on Atomic-Era Tatoos -- a 1950s dime store novelty. Be ready for action with the Empire Plastics Rocketeer Jet-Bomb Launcher spring loaded space age personal defense system, complete with capbomb dart.

Growing tall is this Apex Novelty tin toy Dandy Banker coin bank from the 1940s. Standing tall is the Wolverine Drum Major No. 27 -- a fine example of American-made toy design. The tin wind-up soldier plays a distinct and intricate drum pattern. The toy has a 1932 patent by the Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing of Pittsburg, PA, founded in 1903. The mechanical Skating Chef with platter of food was made in Japan by T.P.S. in 1956.

Sky Chief Fire Robot to the rescue! This is a one-of-a-kind robot fire fighter with custom box. Summer is here and our OOAK Robot Speed Boat featuring vintage Japan tin toy boat with robot driver and passenger is ready for the season.

Everybody loves Popeye! This vintage Popeye art & school supply collection recalls the dremas of creative kid cartoonists. Popeye's pal J. Wellington Wimpy first appeared in The Thimble Theatre comic strip by E.C. Segar in 1931. Here with Wimpy is Popeye's pet Eugene the Jeep and his magic crate. Fun at the circus! TPS Toys' Oscar the Seal circus performer has twirling spinner and felt jacket. Kohler GnK Circus Monkey on Unicycle is a nice example of the colorful toys produced by this German factory, and of the truly artistic box illustrations they are known for. An early celluloid wind-up toy from Japan is the clever Obstinate Donkey with circus clown tugging his tail.

Calling all spacemen! Here's the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Signal Siren Flashlight made by USALite. Adventures await with this complete Captain Video Rocket Launcher Set in display box with cut-out Video Rangers! And who knows but in outer space you might meeet the Kolynos Space Man from Mars in his Supersonic Rocket with Zing Zong Code -- this mulit-purpose space kit was an advertising premium offered by Kolynos toothpaste in the 1950s.

Sounds like fun! From the Paya Hermanos historical collection comes the big 12-inch Motorcycle Rider with Sidecar mechanical toy with passenger tooting his horn. Mattel's tin toy Hurdy Gurdy with dancing monkey from 1951 is a clever toy that plays a real tune.

Howdy Doody Piano Band with dancing Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Smith at the piano is a wonderfully detailed mechanical tin toy with lively action made in the USA in the 1950s by Unique Art Mfg. company, one of the prominent American tin toy makers of the 1940s and 1950s.

Hubley's Atomic Disintegrator space pistol is a rare flight of fantasy for the company which was well known for it's true-to-life cast iron toys such as wagons and dogs. Hubley began manufacturing cast iron toys in the early 1900s. The 1950s Satellite Launching Truck made in Japan by Yonezawa with friction motor, wind-up satellite launcher and moving space scene kept junior astronauts busy for hours!

Early toys by Louis Marx & Co. have great detail and lasting appeal. Here are the Popeye & Olive Oyl Jiggers mechanical tin toy made in 1932. Wonderfully lithographed toy features Popeye dancing on the roof with Olive Oyl holding an accordion. In this version Olive Oyl is seated on a Spinach crate. George the Drummer Boy parade soldier with big bass drum and symbols was made in the 1930s -- a patriotic favorite.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century radio show was popular in the 1930s and inspired many advertising premiums. This Popsicle Pete Radio News prize book shows many of the items boys and girls could win by collecting popsicle wrappers. Buck Rogers is an enduring favorite for space fantasy enthusiasts. This set, with mannenquin included, represents a space outfit of the 1930s with Daisy XZ-34 leather helmet, metal rimmed goggles, Buck Rogers knit vest with leather emblem, and Solar Scouts silvered brass badge (a 1936 Cream of Wheat cereal premium). A contemporary limited edition Buck Rogers Gold Atomic Disintegrator by GoHero carries the adventure to the modern day. Our custom-made Buck Rogers Rocket Mobile is a great display piece with Buck Rogers and girlfriend Wilma Deering zooming through space!

The Captain Ray-O-Vac Flashlight has a rocket ship box and adventure game book for hours of imaginative play. This 1942 paper punch-out Make Your Own Battle Set with a supply of green army men for hours of military strategy and hands-on fun.

Comic strip cowboy Red Ryder gained a new generation of fans after the 1983 movie A Christmas Story featured a fantasy version of the Daisy Red Ryder Carbine with sundial and compass.

Pleasant Kappa is one of the most unusual toys made in the heydey of battery operated tin toys. Made in Japan by Asakusa Toys & Dolls Co. ATD this curious laughing river monster will bring you a clear head of thought.

Here are two versions of Sambo the Minstrel Man celluloid wind-up guitar playing monkeys -- including the rare white musical man -- making a pleasing tune.

Take time out for good old-fashioned fun! Here's our custom made one-of-a-kind Pac-Man Robot and Ghost with vintage Milton Bradley Pac-Man game and puzzles.

Robots at work and play -- this Nomura battery operated Robot Tractor with lighted pistons pulls a Wyandotte space sled with miniature Gort figure.

Fun at the circus -- from days gone by! This celluloid Tumbling Clown circus toy is a nice example made in Occupied Japan. Clown wears a classic French pierrot suit and tumbles along with his suitcases. Tumbling Jocko the circus chimp wears a smart suit and bow tie as he performs his act. Jolly Jacko the combing monkey puts all his attention on personal grooming as he turns about with whirling tail, getting ready for the show.

Pat the Put is a charming tin wind-up toy -- pat the dog on the nose to start the action -- TPS 1965.

Cowboys and their gals had plenty of adventures back in the day. The Nichols Industries Stallion 41-40 was one of the most sought-after cap guns of the 1950s. Here's one with a real leather Tophand holster. The little lady shooter couldn't miss with a Diamond Lil Garter Gun -- a Nichols Dyna-Mite Derringer with lacy clip. Our playmates in Britain would have eagerly eyed the Ingersoll Jeff Arnold Automation Pocket Watch -- made in England to capitalize on the popularity of Jeff Arnold's Rider of the Range BBC radio show whose Western hero later became an Eagle comics favorite.

Tin wind-up toys reflect the busy world. Here's the classic TPS Candy Loving Canine dog with candy -- he just eats and eats! Also from Japan is the Alps mechanical Jolly Fisherman -- this clever wind-up toy uses a magnet to catch the fish, drop it in the basket ... and catch it again! If you're hankering to flip, the Acrobat Skier is great entertainment -- made in Japan by Hiro Toy. They all have movies ... watch them go!

Fun in outer space. From Germany here is the friction powered Apollo Flying Saucer with beautiful space illustration. This Rocket USA R-1 Robot - Yellow Rescue Version in excellent working condition with original box. The Renwal Planet Jet Gun interplanetary water pistol clicker gun, came in various colors. The yellow version is featured on the cover of the classic ray gun publication ZAP! Stanzel's Astro Jack flying space boy with Lunar Bug moon craft is a 1960s play set operated by hand -- this set is complete with original box and store display.

Doodles Memo Bots Robot Family Desk Set is staying at home together -- mom and pop robot and astro dog. Guarding the fort is a complete set of six Martian Space Patrol miniature figures from COMA Italy.

Just hanging around and having a little fun! Here are Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Gym-Toys Acrobats each with original box, both in fine working conditionm made by Marx Linemar Division.

See-through Aqua Pilots ray gun water pistol made in Germany has alien pilot and cockpit inside. From the silver screen we bring a miniature Gort robot with custom display stand as seen in the science fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still ... science fiction or science fact? What if it were true?

Adventures in toy land! TPS Dolly Bouncing Ball is a rare variation of Suzy Bouncing Ball made by Tokyo Playthings in 1961. Also from Japan is this tin toy Mechanical Pirate with ringing bell made by Yone. Our storybook theme continues with T.P.S. Toys Mounted Cavalryman with Cannon tin toy soldier on horseback.

Every kid could be a hero of outer space with the fantastic variety of Space Age playthings from the mid-20th century. The Space Patrol Rocket Lite metal flashlight made by Ray-O-Vac tapped into the popular 1950s TV series craze and was a useful tool for active boys and girls -- used as a hand-held flashlight or attached to bicycle handlebars. This one comes with original box and bonus space scene. USA Lite's Tom Corbett Space Cadet Rocket Lite Pins with working bulbs are ready to light the way on any space adventure -- here's a full set on original store card. This complete set of 4 Pyro Space Ships is a full fleet of wheeled vehicles in our TrueReplica™ Box with insert.

From the early cinema we have Harold Lloyd Funny Face tin toy walker from 1928. He has an amusing changing face (see the movie!).

Attention space cowboys! This Captain Meteor Gun & Holster Set combines a Ranger Steel sparkling Cosmic Ray Gun with a genuine Carnell holster.

Boy on Scooter is a celluloid rider with a mechanical tin scooter, also made in Japan.

From 1950s England we feature the Space Pilot Super-Sonic Gun three-color light beam space pistol with original box -- a Merit toy.

Here's a rare Magnetic Orbiting Satellite toy made in Japan in the 1950s. The lighted satellite circles the tin globe of the Earth with rockets chasing after.

Drumming and jumping and swinging and dancing -- tin wind-up toys are a barrel of fun! Marx Funny Tiger with drum wears a cloth jungle suit -- made in Japan for Louis Marx & Co. Unique Art Jazzbo Jim -- Dancer on the Roof is an early toy made in the USA in the style of the popular Lehmann jigger. Also from Unique Art is

Flash Gordon Space Commando playset has three rockets and two space men on card.

It's good to chill out. Our Buck Rogers Popsicle Advertising Sign features Buck Rogers and his girlfriend Wilma Deering with a refreshing ice cold treat.

Alps Rodeo Cowboy Rope Spinner is complete with lasso and pistol. The 1920's Mechanical Walking Clown is an odd little tin wind-up dwarf, one of the early walking toys made in the USA by J. Chein & Co.

Scared yet? The Mummy movie monster collection includes figurines with shrines and a set of Topps Universal Studios cards. Watch out -- it's a one-of-a-kind Shrunken Head Giant Atomic Robot Man walking wind-up. Don't look now, but what's in Chucky's Locker? OOAK display includes Chucky, Freddy Kruger and Frankenstein posable figures.

Robert the Robot on Mechanical Bulldozer is a rare space farmer toy inspired by the very popular Robert the Robot talking remote control space toy Ideal introduced in the early 1950s. The bulldozer tractor robot uses the same ray-gun style crank-wind remote control as the earlier robot. Ideal Toy Company began in 1903 with the invention of the Teddy Bear and continued to produce fabulously fun toys with mid-century favorites such as Mr. Machine, the Astrobase playset, Zeroid robots, 3-color space ray gun, torpedo firing subamrines and the fantastic Ideal Futuramic Ship.

Buck Rogers Super Sonic Glasses (here with original display box) are real 3X power binoculars made by Norton-Honer, the manufacturer of the famous Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun.

Nostalgic for the 1960s? Check out the Mattel Classic TV Series Batman & Robin Batmobile and the Ideal Batman Cape & Helmet in original box!

This early glow-in-the-darkReddy Kilowatt cut-out figure is a business card holder complete with stand, and comes with a Reddy Kilowatt flippo flashlight and copy of the 1935 patent. In the whimsical world of celluloid toys we feature a carnival toy bobbing head Polar Bear with Native Rider

Dan Dare Pocket Watch with moving pistol -- an outstanding example of the Ingersoll / Eagle automation timepiece. Dan Dare was England's counterpart to the space adventure heros of the USA. The character premiered as Dan Dare Pilot of the Future in 1950.

In the 1980s this set of Popeye Erasers entertained school kids with Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea figures.

In the grip of winter this little tin windup Gescha Bob-Boy on Snow Sled from Germany is just right for winter fun. Click on the listing to see him go!

Vintage German toys are remarkable for their design, beauty and humor. Boby the Monkey Cyclist made by Arnold has a clever zig-zag pattern when riding. The mechanical Fox with Goose is a rarely seen gem made by Schuco.

One-of-a-kind Zylmex Robot Puzzle Race Car oversize take-apart puzzle car with metal robot driver.

Lido Toy Captain Video Rocket Launcher set is complete with wheeled vehicles, missiles and launcher in our ToyTent TrueReplica™ Box with insert -- plus cut-out Video Rangers and badge. Forbidden Planet fans will enjoy this Robby the Robot Krell Blaster display with miniature ray gun.

A King Kong look-alike gorilla makes a suprise appearance when the DSK Strange Explorer Space Tank battery operated vehicle with flip-over action is on the scene. This example is in excellent working condition with the original box.

The mechanical Mego Man made by SY in Japan is sure to bring a smile.

Tootsietoy's string-gliding Zeppelin was included in the 1930s Buck Rogers rocket set, and also sold individually for the budding air enthusiast of the early 20th century.

Junior Spacemen in England went for the Merit Space Pilot Missile Gun -- this one with our TrueReplica™ Box and insert.

This pair of miniature walking wind-up Smoking Robot pals are contemporary collectible classics.

Black Americana Navy Sailor Jack on Scooter with Bill the Goat looks surprised at

Other worlds await our intrepid adventurers. The mechanical tin B-17 South Pole Explorer Robot is a modern era reproduction of the 1950s skiing robot scouting alien terrain.

Here comes -- Santa on Sled with Prancing Reindeer and ringing bell celluloid wind-up toy made in Japan.

Christmas Cootie Coin Bank and ornament set -- save your pennies for next year! Test your skill with our Buck Rogers Pocket Watch dexterity puzzle feuaturing Buck and his girlfriend Wilma. Wolverine No. 44 Mr. Sandman the Robot all metal sand toy is an ingenious 1945 design complete with pail and shovel, sieve, sprinkler, bucket handle arms and sand mold legs. The assembled parts make a friendly robot.

Alps Japan wind-up Santa Claus Ringing Bell brightens the season, also with original box. Here's another gem from a vintage Christmas wish list: Archer Plastics World of Tomorrow playset with Inerplanetary Space Port is one of many space theme playsets the company produced in the 1950s. Archer space vehicles came in different sizes, providing a sense of perspective to the large tableaux that can be created with their sets. The World of Tomorrow includes two large and five small cars, space men with helmets, robot, and large wheeled rocket.

This Nomura Japan wind-up tin & celluloid Santa Claus with Ringing Bell is here to wish you a Merry Christmas! Dreaming of Christmas? Here are some favorite toys from days gone by. Our Spirit of Christmas Santa Robot is a one-of-a-kind miniature model pedal car biplane holiday collectible.

By the 1940's the company was expanding its product line and making diecast toys. The Atomic Disintegrator cap gun has become one of Hubley's most famous products.

Here comes Santa! This Hot Wheels Santa Speedster is a big 11-inch Santa race car with complete packaging from 2002

The colorful Pecking Pheasant by Kohler has a charming action and lovely detail. As always, the box graphics are outstanding.

There's work to be done in outer space. This 1950s Beacon Beanie lighted helmet guides the way through deepest darkest space.

In honor of our our brave sailors in uniform, here is a wind-up Sailor Jack on Scooter with Bill the Goat. Football fans may love 'em or hate 'em but this 1966 Wind-up Tiger is all in for Clemson. Go team!

Here's a rare item from Japan -- this early Bandai Funny Rocker celluloid circus clown with tin sled and clever string-pull winding mechanism.

Honer Mfg. Buck Rogers Super Sonic Space Glasses are real working binoculars for the space adventurer, also with original box. Junior spacemen can practice their skill at launching and landing the Rocket to the Moon with this vintage dimestore paddle game in original bag with header card.

The wonderful world of animation jumped from the printed page to create a wealth of toys and collectibles with nostalgic appeal to this very day. This original Orphan Annie 1940 Decoder Pin with Secret Society code book, Ovaltine drink shaker and metal insignia ring are prized collectibles dating from the heydey of Radio Orphan Annie popularity, as immortalized in the movie A Christmas Story featuring the tale of Raphie Parker and his Christmas wish. In the heydey of Popeye popularity it was a lucky kid who went back to school with a Popeye Pencil Box, crayons, paints and printing kit -- perfect for the aspiring cartoonist. The print set includes rubber stamps featuring Popeye, Wimpy, Olive Oyl and Toar, Popeye's enemy-turned-ally who first appeared in 1935.

Space control is the theme of the day. Our X-Plus Japan anime space hero Tetsujin T-28 Robot by Rocket Pro comes with controller and miniature wind-up flying saucer UFO. Our walking wind-up Gort Robot comes with posable Klaatu figure and custom display stand. The Aqua Pilots translucent space water pistol has alien crew inside operating the space flight control panel.

Alps Rodeo Cowboy Rope Spinner is complete with lasso and pistol -- a 1950s wild west theme toy.

Go Tigers! Strike up the band! Marx tin toy Tiger Trike & Tiger Car customized Clemson Championship Tribute toys and Marx Toys Drumming Soldier & George the Drummer Boy parade soldiers with tin drum display stands are all in the spirit of college football season.

Our Baby Robot Bumper Car is a one-of-a-kind creation. Evolution Time Co. Robotime Watch has a Metropolis-inspired flip-up robot and comes with Robotech tin case.

Transportation toys from times gone by, when young imaginations explored the world. From Germany, the VAKO Atomic Train of the Future has key-wind engine that shoots sparks and two train carriages behind with circular track. This Schuco Micro Racers set includes a Lilliput Mercedes, Volkswagen Beetle, and Microbus carrier with store display stand. The

Ernst Paul Lehmann was an early toy manufacturer and pioneer in Germany in the early 20th century. The Daredevil Zebra Cart with driver reflects interest in cultural novelties popular in Germany at the time that were inspired by colonization in Africa. Later versions of the zebra cart have Mexican and Cowboy drivers. Also from Germany we feature the Gunthermann 1920s mechanical tin Poor Pete boy eating watermelon with dog nipping at his pants is thought to be the original version, on which the later celluloid wind-up toy is based.

Celebrating horror classics of the silver screen -- our Creature from the Black Lagoon wine tasting shadowbox display is a one-of-a-kind mixed media wall hanging for the scifi movie fan. Little Bigheads

The busy cosmos is filled with great vintage space toys. The Lido Futuremen Space Port set with elaborate display box includes six plastic spacemen, one robot and four miniature figures. The large space men have removable helmets, and the box becomes part of the play activity, with punch-out space scene on the back. This Kitahara Tin Age Collection boxed set of diecast miniature robots includes Non-Stop (Lavender) Robot, Thunder Robot, Super Giant Robot, Radicon Robot, Smoking Space Man, and Telephone Robot plus the red Machine Man secret robot shown only in silhouette on the back of the box.

It won't be long until Christmas time! Alps Japan Santa Claus with ringing bell is a cheerful 1960s toy.

Mego wind-up walking Captain Astro space man robot and

Busy hands make happy kids. From the 1940s here's the Wannatoy plastic car set Super-Service Station with four Dillon Beck futuristic bubble top cars. The box makes the service station complete with lubritorium -- Service with a Smile! In the 1950s, dimestore treasures made for hours of play at cowboys and Indians. Here's a Lone Ranger watch & badge set with a Yacht brand tin cap gun made in Japan.

Collectible space toys keep the tradition of outer space adventure going. We offer a modern version of the Testujin Conehead Robot with our TrueReplica Box using the original graphics -- great for display.

The friction powered Baby Space Gun made in Japan by Daiya has bright sparks visible in the barrel.

Cowboys & spacemen -- playtime themes of the past. For the real space cowboy you can't go wrong with a full store display of quick action Space Rover Water Guns. Kids might even get grand-dad in the game with this 1935 Wyandotte 33 Repeater pop gun, reminiscent of Buck Rogers action adventures.

A world of fun can be had with pressed tin and coiled spring. From Germany, Poor Pete boy with chasing dog. From Japan, Yone Acro Car race car has flip-over action.

Louis Marx & Co. incorporated in 1919 with offices at 200 Fifth Ave., New York. Marx toys were produced at facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania, with additional toy factories established in the 1930s in Girard, Pennsylvania and Glendale, West Virigina. Following World War II Marx opened factories around the world, first in England, then in France, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Germany. The company had it's best success with international manufacturing in Japan.

One-of-a-kind Metropolis Tiger Tank with Maria robot pilot has lighted bump and go action. A ToyTent original creation combining old and new science fiction themes.

Character toys are a popular theme in collecting. TV and movie characters from the turn of the last century onward have inspired playthings of all kinds.

On hot summer days at the beach, who better to entertain the little ones back in the 1950s than Howdy Doody and his friends. Ideal Toy Co. made the Howdy Doody Sand Forms set shown here with plastic molds of Clarabell, Flub-A-Dub, Mister Bluster and the popular cowboy marionette himself.

Big kids of the 1950s could play detective with this Dragnet Target Game complete with dart gun pistols and spinning police targets.

The Our Gang short movies of the 1920s, later known as the Little Rascals, had a resurgeance in popularity in the 1980s. Little Rascals / Our Gang collectibles include this bobble-head Stymie figure and Buckwheat flip-up watch.

Alps Shoji Ltd. of Tokyo was one of the many prolific toy manufacturers in Japan in the post-war period. Alps produced many wind-up and battery operated toys from 1948 into the 1970s. Here are several early mechanical toys that show the detail and creativity of Alps designs.

Rodeo Cowboy Rope Spinner is complete with lasso and pistol -- a 1950s wild west theme toy.

Wonderful whimsical mechanical toys have been made all around the world.

Hedgehog the Organ Grinder is a musical mechanical wood toy made in Germany with exquisite detail in the anthropomorphic hedgehog's features.

Space aliens everywhere these days. Here are 2 Men from Outer Space made in Hong Kong.

George the Drummer Boy parade soldier with big bass drum and symbols was made by Louis Marx & Co. in the 1930s

Marx Toys Streamline Siren Sparkling Pistol Air Raid Warden signal gun is a Civil Air Patrol version of the earlier Flash Gordon ray gun made with the same design and tooling. This patriotic tin toy pistol is offered with a Marx toy Fighting Squadron metal helmet

Popeye's hungry neighbor Wimpy is the theme of this celluloid wind-up up toy made in Occupied Japan.

Celluloid was the first practical synthetic plastic, developed during the late 1800s. By the early 20th century celluloid was a popular material for making toys. Fragile as it is, celluloid toys were easily broken. Finding vintage celluloid toys in bright undamaged condition is a delight of the modern age. Here are a few.

Funny Rocker combines a celluloid clown with a mechanical tin rocking circus cart and a cloth covered dog on leash -- pull the leash to wind the toy. This is an early Bandai toy made in Japan.

Toplay (short for Tokyo Playthings and commonly known as TPS Toys) was one of the most prolific manufacturers of mechanical tin toys from the 1950s onward. The T.P.S. logo is a hand with three fingers held up representing three original founders of the company, businessman Yoshio Udagawa, designer Yasuo Kushida and engineer Yukio Miyakawa. The company's whimsical and amusing designs are popular among collectors today.

The USALite Tom Corbett Space Cadet Rocket Lite Pins were a popular item -- here is a full original store card. These rocket shaped lapel pins still light up! In the 1950s the Grosset & Dunlap Tom Corbett Space Cadet book series inspired comic books, TV and radio shows and countless toys and novelties. The 7-volume Tom Corbett series was inspired by Joseph Heinlein's 1948 novel Space Cadet. Joseph Greene, who wrote the Tom Corbett series for Grosset & Dunlap also authored a radio program and newspaper comic strip featuring the Space Academy cadets.

Yone Acro-Car tin wind-up race car has flip-over action. Made in Japan.

Marx Life Savers Candy Truck is an example of a cross-over toy with collaboration between the prolific Marx Toy company and Life Savers candy. This vintage Marx stake truck comes with six rolls of new Lifesavers candies in vintage wrappers.

Archer Mars Men, also known as slot-hand space figures are a line of spacemen designed to hold weapons (atom rifle, neutralizer, force gun, ray gun and disintegrator) and carry accessory packs known as Astro-pacs (space scope, first aid kit, space dust, radio, Geiger counter and ammo case). Archer Plastics made various space figures including space men, space women and baby and robot figures in the 1950s. Archer space cars came in various sizes and models. Archer playsets combined figures and vehicles with elaborate space stations for hours and hours of play.

Our one-of-a-kind Lighted Space Bulldozer with Xylmex astronaut operator transports a TPS chrome mini walking robot -- hard at work on the dark side of the moon.

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