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ToyTent Antique and Collectible Toys
Transportation Toys
cars - trucks - boats - planes - trains - racing
Transportation Toys & Collectibles  
Army Camp with Sparkling Tank
ITEM 5801
Marx mechanical tank with Built-Rite army set
Atom Bomber
ITEM 8831
Thomas Toys
Australian Outback Adventure
ITEM 8319
Family Wagon with Camper & Canoe plus vintage ostrich & kangaroo
Batman & Robin and Batmobile
ITEM 6642
Mattel 6-inch figures & George Barris Batmobile
Battle Set Paper Punch-out Tanks
ITEM 8845
with green army men
Busy Choo Choo Train on Track
ITEM 5830
TPS Japan 1967
Captain Marvel Lightning Race Cars New for November 2018
ITEM 6647
Set of four cars in display box
Circus Clown Car with Blowing Ball
ITEM 5857
KO Yoshiya Japan
Combat Tank on Battle Front
ITEM 5831
TPS Japan 1963
 ITEM 826
Mettoy model #22 from 1973.
Dicken Car
ITEM 5436
MS 058 China
 ITEM 832
Retro station wagon and camper. O scale model. Boxed.
G-Man Pursuit Car
ITEM 5871
Marx Toys 1935
Green Lantern Stel Robot Pedal Car
ITEM 1892
Model 1940 Gendron Pioneer Roadster with robot driver
Harvard College Jalopy with Sparks
ITEM 5836
Marx Linemar Japan
Hess Patrol Car
ITEM 8207
Boxed. 1993
Jet Fighter Rocket Ship
ITEM 3412
Retro wheeled plastic airplane
ITEM 3514
Amerline Boxed
Johnny Lightning Speed Racer Mach 5
ITEM 8804
10th Anniversary Limited Edition
King Jet Race Car
ITEM 3566
Friction racer with futuristic design
King Racer
ITEM 5742
Marx Mechanical Roadster
Life Savers Delivery Truck
ITEM 8822
Marx Toys Lifesavers stake truck with candy
Mars Explorer Robot Boat
ITEM 1735
 ITEM 8028
Automatic Toy Co.
Old Jalopy
ITEM 5847
Marx Linemar friction jalopy Japan
Police - Ambulance - Fire Chief
ITEM 5231
Set of 3 tin cars. Japan.
Princess Troll Space Car
ITEM 8527
Bratz futuristic car with Treasure Troll driver
Propeller Plane Carnival Cane
ITEM 8462
Two twirling planes on canes
Santa Robot Spirit of Christmas Biplane
ITEM 1900
Model pedal car with robot pilot
 ITEM 873
Hot Wheels Christmas 2002. Boxed.
Schuco Micro Racers with Store Display
ITEM 8776
VW Beetle, Mercedes Race Car & Micro Bus transport van
Sea Wolf Atomic Submarine
ITEM 8720
Ideal torpedo-firing sub
Station Wagon with farm animlas
ITEM 8301
Dimestore Dreams. Boxed.
Toonerville Trolley
ITEM 6096
Geo. Borgfelt
U235 Clown Car
ITEM 8182
U.S. Navy Frogmen
ITEM 8212
Deep sea diver playset
Victoria Steam Powered Boat
ITEM 5395
Candle-powered collectible tin boat
Volkswagen Beetle
ITEM 8224
Non-fall bump-n-go with lights. Taiyo. Boxed
Zig Zag Racers
ITEM 5780
Western Germany
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