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Gypsy Fortune Teller Coin Bank
ITEM 5455

  • Battery operated coin bank tells your fortune

  • Gypsy Fortune Teller is nearly 12" tall including pointed hood

  • Insert a coin and the fortune telling begins -- gypsy waves her arm and raises her hand, face lights up and a card is dispensed

  • Excellent working condition and cosmetic condition

  • Gypsy wears a black dress and cape with pearls. Crystal ball glows in the dark.

  • Battery case has foam inserts to hold batteries securely in place (batteries are smaller now than when the toy was originally made)

  • Retrieve coins from base of bank

  • Original vintage toy and cards offered with our professionally made museum quality ToyTent TrueReplica™ Box and complete set of 20 TrueReplica™ cards (10 for boys, 10 for girls)

  • Made in Japan by Ichida 1950s

  • Sold

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