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Mattel Fanner Holster and Buckle Gun Set
ITEM 8248

  • Matter Fanner Shootin' Shell cap gun with Plainsman holster and Remington Derringer buckle gun

  • Fanner six shooter is in excellent condition with light wear

  • Remington Derringer buckle gun is in also in excellent condition with some wear to side of cap gun that presses into the buckle. Surprise trigger action works great!

  • Plainsman holster is in excellent condition complete with six toy bullets in bandolier

  • Set includes Shootin' Shell bullet and tip for the buckle gun along with six Shootin' Shell bullets and tips for the Fanner cap pistol, plus a box of Greenie Stick-M caps and drawstring Shootin' Shell bag

  • Tripod display stand is also included

  • Original cap gun and holster set offered with our professionally made museum quality ToyTent TrueReplica™ Box and stand-up cowboy target

  • Made by Mattel

  • Sold

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