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ToyTent Antique and Collectible Toys
Space Toys
Vintage Space Toys  
Aliens from Outer Space
ITEM 3417
Flicker eye miniatures. Hong Kong
Archer Space People
ITEM 3871
Space man, space woman with baby & space boy boxed set
Astronaut Barbie
ITEM 3517
Astronaut Space Pilot Compass Wings
ITEM 3858
Metal pinback badge on card
Atomic Train of the Future
ITEM 5677
Sparkling wind-up train. Western Germany
Aurora Satellite Radio
ITEM 3552
Complete boxed kit 1957
Blast Off! Collector's Edition Boxed Set
ITEM 3877
Limited edition book plus Pyro rocket, trading cards & more
Buck Rogers Cracker Bomb
ITEM 3954
with Halco Ace roll caps
Buck Rogers Pocket Watch
ITEM 6523
with Atomic Pistol watch fob and custom box
Buck Rogers Popsicle Sign
ITEM 3717
Hanging two-sided advertising sign and Radio Gift News prize book
Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Patch
ITEM 3536
Reproduction embroidered cloth patch
Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Helmet & Vest with Whistle Badge
ITEM 3833
Daisy XZ-34 leather helmet with 1934 playsuit vest & metal pin
Buck Rogers Wall Clock
ITEM 3660
battery operated clock
Buck Rogers - Wilma Deering
ITEM 9223
framed print
Cap Bomb Rocket
ITEM 3721
Boxed. Japan
Captain Space Mariner Wrist Compass
ITEM 3766
Sky-Bar premium compass on wrist band
Capsule 6
ITEM 3731
Space craft with astronaut pilot. Modern Toys
Chromo the Space Dog
ITEM 3563
Sparkling robot dog with display box
Dan Dare Walkie Talkies
ITEM 3870
Merit / J L Randall boxed
Electronic Missile Firing Launcher
ITEM 3904
Jim Prentice Electric Games
Flash Gordon Space Cap & Goggles New for March 2018
ITEM 3970
with Flash Gordon water pistol
Flash Gordon Mask
ITEM 3620
and framed target print
Flash Gordon Space Outfit
ITEM 3884
Goggles, rocket belt & wrist compass set
Flash Gordon Space Cruiser Set New for March 2018
ITEM 3968
Premier Plastics rockets & spacemen on card
Floating Satellite Target Game
ITEM 3903
Horikawa early Sattelite version with Target Robot dart gun
Flying Saucer Model Kit
ITEM 3532
Reissue kit with custom box
Flying Saucer UFO with F-94C Starfire Pursuit Plane
ITEM 3933
2 Lindberg / Glencoe model kits
Forbidden Planet Blaster & Insignia Cap
ITEM 2660
Custom strobe-flash prop gun & crew cap
Futuremen Space Port boxed set
ITEM 3900
Lido space figures with helmets in TrueReplica display box
Gumby in Space
ITEM 3883
Trendmasters Robot Gumby & Astronaut Gumby
Jet Fighter Rocket Ship
ITEM 3412
Retro wheeled plastic airplane
Jet Fighter Take-Apart Puzzle
ITEM 3815
Boxed with instructions
ITEM 3514
Amerline Boxed
Jetsons Family Spaceship
ITEM 6401
with talking Rosie the Robot Maid
Jumping Space Man
ITEM 3800
Plastic novelty suction cup spring-up toy
Jupiter Spacecraft
ITEM 3617
Sparkling spaceship. Japan.
King Jet Race Car
ITEM 3566
Friction racer with futuristic design
Kolynos Space Man in his Supersonic Jet Rocket
ITEM 3806
Advertising premium with Kolynos toothpaste and framed ad
Land on the Moon Game
ITEM 7285
Warren Built-Rite Games 1960s
Magnet & Compass Game
ITEM 3796
Space satellite novelty toy
Mars Attacks Martian Saucer
ITEM 3302
Trendmasters. Boxed.
Mars Attacks Saucer
ITEM 3320
Screamin' Model Kit
Mars Explorer Robot Boat
ITEM 1735
Martian Statue with Space Ship
ITEM 3658
and Mars lamp landing base
Men of Mars
ITEM 3901
Archer Mars Men with accessories in display box
Men into Space Game
ITEM 7300
Milton Bradley 1960
Messenger from Mars
ITEM 3962
Ideal space man on motorcycle
Mickey Mouse Space ship
ITEM 3565
Masudaya non-fall. Boxed.
Mickey Mouse UFO
ITEM 3564
Masudaya bump-n-go saucer with lights
 ITEM 356
Sparkling space ship. Boxed.
Missile Compass & Bubble Ray Gun
ITEM 3898
Dimestore space toys made in Japan
Missile Man Willie
ITEM 3875
Friendship VII wall walker 1962
Money Jet Coin Bank
ITEM 3850
DiMay Argentina
Moon Rocket Express
ITEM 7280
Citation Products 1962
Moon Shot Game
ITEM 7242
Cadaco 1969
Planet Patrol Space Boy
ITEM 3865
with Atomic Pistol & Halco holster
Planetary Cruiser Patrol Space Port
ITEM 3940
with X-300 Space Cruiser rocket
Radar Tank
ITEM 3945
Masudaya non-fall space tank Japan
Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Tank
ITEM 3942
Marx Toys 1950s
Rex Mars Target Set
ITEM 3704
with RARE Marx rockets - complet boxed set
Rocket Express Drink Shaker
ITEM 3956
1950s plastic space age mixer
Rocket Gun Space Ranger
ITEM 3959
Best Products space figure with rocket launcher
Rocket Gun Space Rangers
ITEM 3960
Best Products spacemen on card
Rocket Hangar with friction rocket
ITEM 3961
Canada space port with automatic door
Rocket Pilot Toy Watch
ITEM 3647
Spaceman's watch on card
Rocket & Satellite Pencil Sharpeners
ITEM 3878
Two vintage space age school accessories
Rocket Ship Pencil Sharpeners
ITEM 3698
Set of six in display box
Rocket-to-the-Moon Paddle Game
ITEM 3709
Space man skill game in original bag with header card
Russian Moon Crawler
ITEM 3310
and Atomic Robot Man
Satellite Finder Wrist Compass
ITEM 3619
Radio tower compass watch on card. Nemo
Satellite Launching Truck
ITEM 3966
Yonezawa boxed
Space Ace Framed Prints
ITEM 3779
set of 5 prints in wood farmes
Space Ace Writing Tablet
ITEM 3776
framed with easel stand
Space Ace Writing Tablets
ITEM 3322
set of five
Space Adventure Bagatelle
ITEM 3838
Big hand-held spring action target game
Space Adventure Framed Jigsaw Puzzle
ITEM 3863
with Bruder whistle, Sinclair rocket and miniature ray gun
Space Aliens
ITEM 3922
Britains figures with space fantasy backdrop
Space Cadet Propeller Cap
ITEM 3535
Spinny hat with glow-in-the-dark emblem
Space Charm Bracelet
ITEM 3640
Space Kid-ette robot, rocket, ray gun, compass, alien UFO
Space Farmer
ITEM 1n016
Tin wind-up intergalactic space rig. Boxed.
Space Fleet Rockets
ITEM 3929
Pyro Plastics
Space Kid-ette Charm Bracelet
ITEM 3943
7 charms on latching chain
Space Man Dexterity Puzzle
ITEM 3315
Big 6" diameter jiggle puzzle
Space Man Magnifier Charm
ITEM 3543
Gumball prize Hong Kong
Space Man & Rocket
ITEM 3713
Hong Kong plastic
Space Men
ITEM 3243
Set of 3 figures. Hong Kong
Space Navigator Compass Watch & Wings Badge
ITEM 3897
Dimestore set made in Japan
Space Navigator Wings
ITEM 3740
Space wings badge on card
Space Patrol Commander Decal
ITEM 3299
vinyl decal for bubble helmet
Space Patrol Cosmic Rocket Launcher
ITEM 3958
Nestle premium with mailer box
Space Patrol Terra V Rocket New for March 2018
ITEM 3949
on display stand
Space Patrol Wall Clock
ITEM 3786
One-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark clock
Space Patrol Wings
ITEM 8283
Commander Buzzy Corry wings pin
Space Pilot Game Framed Display
ITEM 7219
Board game framed to hang on the wall
Space Pilot Helmet
ITEM 3905
Tarco 1952 spinner helmet
Space Ride Rocket Carousel
ITEM 3879
J. Chein 1958
Space Rocket Patrol Car with Sparks
ITEM 3859
Courtland Mfg.
Space Satellite Target Game New for March 2018
ITEM 3967
Cragstan target gallery with dart pistol
Space Ship SS-18
ITEM 3965
Naito Shonen Japan
Space Tank
ITEM 3856
Ichimura sparkling friction space tank
Space Whale Ship
ITEM 3874
Yoshiya Japan
Spacemen & UFO
ITEM 3814
Space men & woman with aliens and miniature Flying Saucer
Superior Space Port with Space Cruiser Rocket
ITEM 3957
Planetary Cruiser Patrol space port with Pyro X-300 rocket
Tetsujin & Jimmy Sparks Desk Clock Set
ITEM 3780
T-28 Robot desk set
Thunderbolt Special Rocket Car
ITEM 3894
California Moulders 1948
Tom Corbett 2-Way Phone Set
ITEM 3934
Complete walkie talkie set with original box
Tom Corbett 2-Way Rocket Phone Set
ITEM 3936
Complete walkie talkie set with original box
Tom Corbett Glow-in-the-Dark Milk Bottle
ITEM 3855
with 1958 US Satellite Launch collectible lid
Tom Corbett Insignia Kit
ITEM 3908
Space Cadet ring, badge & wrist compass
Tom Corbett Lunchbox Labels
ITEM 3409
Replacement vinyl decals
Tom Corbett replica Membership Kit
ITEM 3133
Complete TrueReplica™ Kelloggs premium kit
Tom Corbett Pencil Case Kit
ITEM 3569
A ToyTent exclusive
Tom Corbett Rocket-Lite Pin
ITEM 3946
USALite light-up rocket badge
Tom Corbett Space Academy Car
ITEM 3964
also for Rex Mars Planet Patrol playset
Turbo-Jet Racer
ITEM 3784
Ideal rocket car and launcher. Boxed.
Urauto Space Car
ITEM 3845
Lemezaru Gyar Hungary boxed
V-7 Space Tank
ITEM 3951
Friction space vehicle with sparks Japan
Whirly Top Space Ship
ITEM 329
MTU Korea Boxed.
Whistling Space Top Set
ITEM 3924
Marx Toys Japan
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