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Whistling Space Top Set
ITEM 3924

  • Space age tin satellite tops made in Japan for Marx Toys

  • Freedom and Liberty Bell space tops are named for the first manned space flights in the 1960s NASA Project Mercury

  • Hand-held launcher starts the tops in motion

  • Tops are in working condition each with light wear from play

  • Original box is in fine condition, complete with insert

  • Marx Toys 1960s

  • Note: A customer asked whether the Freedom top is missing a spring on the bottom. The answer is no — that’s the way the toy is designed. Only one top has a spring.

    This is documented in “Marx Toys: Robots, Space & TV Characters” by Maxine Pinsky (Schiffer Books) and can be seen in other examples of the toy.

    But why?

    Maxine Pinksy's book states that the 1960s space tops were based on an earlier 1930s top set. In the early set, the tops were a globe and the Man in the Moon, with the spring as a design element, like a neck tie. The globe had no spring. The whistling space top set was made from the earlier toy, with new graphics —and a spring on only one top.

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