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Lost in Space
Giant B-9 Robot

ITEM 1504

  • Trendmasters BIG 2 ft. tall radio control B-9 Robot from Lost in Space
    Robby the Robot and Space Man are shown for size reference only and are sold separately.

  • Battery operated remote-control talking robot with lights and sound effects

  • Four-position wireless remote control

    • Robot rolls forward
    • Turns 360 degrees
    • Speaks pre-recorded phrases in loud voice
    • Project your own voice through the robot modified with sound effects!

  • B-9 robot's head moves up and down as he goes forward, moveable arms can be retracted or extended out

  • Robot is new in box, tested working condition. Includes remote control handset and original instruction sheet.

  • Box is in excellent condition

  • Made by Trendmasters

  • Sold

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