Toy Robots

Aero Flite Robot
ITEM 1874
and Spot the Space Dog
Astro Boy Action Figure
ITEM 1752
Takara boxed set
ITEM 130
Exclusive limited run edition of the classic Atomic Robot Man.
Baby Robot Data Dump
ITEM 1938
Novelty toy with flushing sound
Baby Robot Tractor
ITEM 1679
ToyTent exclusive design with custom box
Battletech Banshee
ITEM 1609
Tyco. Boxed.
Battletech Bushwacker
ITEM 1608
Tyco. Boxed.
Beach Bum Robot in VW Convertible
ITEM 1939
with surf boards
Benthic Robot
ITEM 1976
Mechanical deep sea diver
Boxing Robot
ITEM 1794
Leader Toy 1994
Captain Astro Space Man
ITEM 1377
Mego. Boxed.
Chromo the Space Dog
ITEM 3563
Sparkling robot dog with display box
Computer Robot
ITEM 1424
Bandai. Boxed.
Conehead Robot
ITEM 1829
New sparkling wind-up with original graphics box
Conehead Robot Moon Walker Lamp
ITEM 1888
Table lamp with working robot & moonscape night light
Cosmo Talking Robot
ITEM 1833
Miniature wind-up with light and voice
Cyber Wars RayBot
ITEM 1690
Trendmasters 1992 Boxed.
Deep Sea Robot
ITEM 1563
China. Boxed.
Diamond Planet Robot with Propeller Cap
ITEM 1769
Super detailed miniature one-of-a-kind robot
Diamond Planet White-knob Wind-up
ITEM 1783
Miniature walking robot. Boxed.
Drumming Robot White-knob Wind-up
ITEM 1895
Toy Market at ATC miniature. Boxed.
Dux Astroman Robot
ITEM 1941
Germany 1959
Galaxy Warrior White-knob Wind-up
ITEM 1785
Miniature walking robot. Boxed.
Giant Atomic Shrunken Head Robot
ITEM 1947
BIG 13" walking wind-up
Gort & Klaatu
ITEM 1929
Day the Earth Stood Still robot with display stand
HEX Bug Spider Robots
ITEM 1832
Two robots with controller and instructions
ITEM 168
Tin Tom version. Boxed
Knight Robot with dragon
ITEM 5401
Rocket USA Boxed.
Kotetsu Ziigu
ITEM 1934
Takara robot with custom display stand
Lantern Robot
ITEM 1977
Ha Ha Toy Co. 2005
ITEM 1504
BIG 2-foot tall. Trendmasters. Boxed.
Lost in Space Robot Charm Necklace
ITEM 1955
Miniature copper tone robot in glass dome
Master Blaster Moon Explorer
ITEM 1378
Wind-up. Boxed.
Mechanical Walking Space Man
ITEM 1746
Contemporary robot with TrueReplica™ KO graphics box
Merlin Robot
ITEM 1948
Z Classic Windup
Mighty Robot
ITEM 1483
Sankei reproduction. Boxed.
Missile Robot with Sparks
ITEM 1979
TPS Japan
Moon Explorer Robot
ITEM 1796
Contemporary robot with TrueReplica KO graphics box
Mr. Atomic silver wind-up
ITEM 1431
Japan. Boxed.
Mr. Kitahara's Robots
ITEM 1384
Diecast miniatures Volume 2 with Secret Robot
Mr. Sandman Robot
ITEM 1855
Wolverine 1945 complete
Nova's Ark Deluxe Nova & Sparky Set
ITEM 1610
Magnetic joints, light and voice. Trendmasters 1999
Pac-Man Robot & Games Set
ITEM 7278
Milton Bradley 1982 game and puzzles plus robots
Peace Corps Man New for January 2019
ITEM 5944
Travelling Sam Mego Japan
Planet Robot
ITEM 1711
Red version. Boxed.
Popy 8-Chan Robot
ITEM 148
Hatchan wind-up. Boxed.
R-1 Rescue Robot
ITEM 1967
Rocket USA boxed
ITEM 1385
Yonezawa radio controled robot. Boxed.
ITEM 171
Talking remote control robot from Trendmasters.
Robby the Robot Pencil Sharpener
ITEM 1966
Miniature walking Robby boxed with key
Robert the Robot
ITEM 1678
Robert the Robot Flippo Flashlight
ITEM 1972
with miniature Atomic Robot Man keychain charm
Robo Deki Professor Robot New for January 2019
ITEM 1980
Popy Ganbare Robocon GA-42
Robot 7
ITEM 1850
Taiwan. Boxed.
Robot Coin Banks
ITEM 1961
Smoking Space Man & Robot Fist
Robot Flying Saucer
ITEM 1798
White-knob UFO with robot pilot. Boxed.
Robot Game Pieces
ITEM 1920
Four robot pawns boxed set
Robot Parade
ITEM 185
Hallmark Year 2000 Robot Ornament
Robot Rock Star Drummer
ITEM 1962
Very heavy metal robot rocker with stage display stand
Robot Scooter to Mars
ITEM 1870
ToyTent exclusive design with custom box
ITEM 1198
SY Japan
Robot Speedboat
ITEM 1n012
Tin speedboat with robot crew
Robot Take-out
ITEM 1638
Robot chop-suey to go
Robotech Watch
ITEM 1970
Evolution Robotime robot wristwatch 1995
Robotime Watch
ITEM 1721
Evolution Robotech watch 1995
Roshima Robot Model Kit
ITEM 1800
Complete boxed kit plus framed poster
Russian Moon Crawler
ITEM 3310
and Atomic Robot Man
Santa Robot Spirit of Christmas Biplane
ITEM 1900
Model pedal car with robot pilot
Silverlit Robot
ITEM 1518
White-knob LED wind-up
Sky Chief Fire Engine Robot
ITEM 1880
Diecast model pedal car fire truck with robot driver
Smoking Spaceman Miniatures
ITEM 1598
Set of 2. Boxed.
Smoking Spaceman Robot Charm Necklace
ITEM 1957
Miniature copper tone robot in glass dome
Sonic Robot
ITEM 1719
Rocket USA wind-up. Boxed.
South Pole Explorer Robot
ITEM 1978
B-17 robot with skis and poles
Space Concert Jigsaw Puzzle
ITEM 7259
Toys Club. Signed by the artist
Sparkle Squad
ITEM 1452
Set of 3 sparkling robots Hong Kong
Sparkling Mike
ITEM 1449
Limited edition robot
Spawn No-Body
ITEM 1733
Todd McFarlane ultra-action figure on card
ITEM 1269
12 Combination Robot. Boxed.
ITEM 1187
Hong Kong. Boxed.
Talking Robot
ITEM 1931
with lighted head and button
Tetsujin Robot with T-28 Flying Saucer
ITEM 1965
RocketPro X-Plus walking robot with Tin Age wind-up
Tetsujin Flying Saucer
ITEM 1782
miniature white-knob wind-up
Tetsujin Tank
ITEM 1780R
miniature white-knob wind-up
Tetsujin Tank
ITEM 1780S
miniature white-knob wind-up
Tin Age Diecast Miniature Robots in Display Case
ITEM 1969
Seven robots in custom case
X-27 Explorer Robot
ITEM 1927
Tin Tom Toys
Zathura Robot
ITEM 1950
Schylling boxed
ITEM 1136
Ideal Motorific motor with case

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