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ToyTent Antique and Collectible Toys
Parts & Pieces
Replacement Parts   |  Original Boxes
Replacement Parts  
Atomic Flashlight Pistol lenses
ITEM 8081
replacement color lenses in paper sleeve
Bandai Gashapon Vending Prizes
ITEM 8518
Complete set of prizes & decals
Barbie Luggage Case
ITEM 8383
with assorted cases and accessories
Batman Utility Belt radio decal
ITEM 6347
Radio decal only for the Ideal 1966 Batman Utility Belt
Cheech & Chong Big Bambu
ITEM 40550
BIG rolling paper insert only
Captain Midnight replacement photo
ITEM 6142
for Photomatic Decoder Badge -- 2 photos
Cart for Busy Cart Robot
ITEM 8148
replacement wheelbarrow
Daisy Red Ryder BB tin
ITEM 8297
Holds 750 BBs
Dummy .38 caliber bullets
ITEM 8228
set of 6
Flash Gordon Signal Gun Decal
ITEM 8364
Replacement DECAL only
Frontier Rifle
ITEM 8820
Hubley -- for parts or repair
Gypsy Fortune Teller replacement cards
ITEM 40137
20 forutne cards in keepsake box
Hopalong Cassidy replacement photo
ITEM 6085
for the Bar 20 Vectograph Clip
Ka-bala replacement parts
ITEM 7261
Tarot cards, instructions & marble
Kilgore Cap Gun Grips
ITEM 8801
Turquoise grips for Cheyenne, Mustang, or Roy Rogers pistol
Kozmic Kiddles Lunar Base
ITEM 8147
replacement moonscape stand
Lego Figures
ITEM 8557
Lot of rare figuers & accessories
Lone Ranger Weather Forecaster Ring
ITEM 6156
replacement indicator paper and instructions
Mattel Detective Badge
ITEM 8171
with ID card and Pistol Range Target
Mattel Shootin' Shell Accessories
ITEM 8714
Greenie Stik-M-Caps & Shell tips with casings
Mattel Shootin' Shell Cowboy Target & Bag
ITEM 8201
TrueReplica™ target & accessories bag
Mattel Shootin' Shell Caps & Bag
ITEM 8233
with tips and tripod display stand
Mod Monster Magic Medallion
ITEM 8476
Replacement necklace for Nomura Blushing Frankenstein
 ITEM 1140
Replacement eyes for the R-35 robot. On illustrated card.
 ITEM 1131
Replacement bulb and battery connector strip. With instructions.
 ITEM 1726
Replacememnt baby robot for Marx Robot & Son
Samson the Strong Man Cloth Suit
ITEM 8708
Replacement suit for TPS Samson weightlifter
ITEM 3391
replacement set for floating satellite tanks
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon replacement flag
ITEM 6253
Yukon flag and staff authentic to the time period for Hartland figure
Space Patrol Commander Decal
ITEM 3299
vinyl decal for bubble helmet
Space Patrol Project-O-Scope film strip
ITEM 3523
replacement film strip and instructions
Tom Corbett Space Cadet Lunchbox Label
ITEM 3722
Mint condition unapplied water slide decal
 ITEM 1136
Ideal Motorific motor with case
Original Boxes
Also see our catalog of TrueReplica™ Boxes
Buck Rogers Tootsietoy Rockets
ITEM 8858
Original box with inserts plus Buck Rogers & Wilma figurines
Chuka-Cannon Robot Model Kit
ITEM 8647
Howdy Doody Circus
ITEM 8130
Peter Puppet Playthings ORIGINAL BOX ONLY
Howdy Doody Circus - Clarabell the Clown
ITEM 8131
Peter Puppet Playthings ORIGINAL BOX ONLY
ITEM 8112
Batman series. Corgi ORIGINAL BOX ONLY
Nichols Fury Caps Store Dispenser
ITEM 8683
Original store dispenser with 15 caps boxes
Rocket Space Bank
ITEM 8216
Bubble gum bank ORIGINAL BOX ONLY
 ITEM 8037
Star Puzzle Box
ITEM 8194
Sallfield Publishine ORIGINAL BOX ONLY
Ultra 7 Space Gun
ITEM 8241
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