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ToyTent Antique and Collectible Toys
Novelty Toys
Action Magnets | Novelty Smokers | Rings, Charms & Prizes
Magnet Toys  
Ma and Pa Magnetic Trick Toy
ITEM 8600
H.F. & Co. 1947 boxed
Magnetic Ballerinas
ITEM 8408
Ballet Magnetique boxed set
Magnetic Battling Pals
ITEM 8595
Elephant & Donkey 1946
Magnetic Dog & Spinning Ball
ITEM 8437
Boxed set Hong Kong
Magnetic Green Army Soldiers
ITEM 8428
Fighting soldiers boxed set
Magnetic Kissy Rats
ITEM 8400
Boxed set
Magnetic Matador
ITEM 8391
Bull and bullfighter magnet toy Boxed
Magnetic Space Wars
ITEM 3666
Coma Italy
Magnetic Space Wars
ITEM 3654
Fighting spacemen boxed set
Magnetic Terriers
ITEM 8407
Black & yellow pups
Novelty Smokers & Smoking Paraphernalia  
Braunstein Frere Zig Zag Papers Stash Case
ITEM 8617
Stainless steel cigarette case & Steady Nerves shot flask
Burled Wood Stash Box
ITEM 8629
with poker chip herb grinder, pipe and Zig Zag papers
Cannabis Medicine Stash Box
ITEM 8638
with smoking pipe & herb grinder
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers cigarette case
ITEM 8635
with Zig Zag papers & roller
Freewheelin Franklin cigarette case
ITEM 8634
with Zig Zag papers & roller
Smoking Baby on Turtle with Monkey in Top Hat
ITEM 8423
Baby's Parade with smoke-ring cigarettes. Boxed.
Smoking Cossack
ITEM 8394
Bad Santa with novelty cigarettes
Smoking Country Toad
ITEM 8544
with novelty cigarettes
Smoking Cowboy
ITEM 8531
Sharp-shooter with novelty cigarettes
Smoking Fez Baby
ITEM 8350
with novelty cigarettes and keepsake box
Smoking Gambler & Lucky Dog
ITEM 8540
with miniature playing cards and novelty cigarettes
Smoking Gentleman Duck
ITEM 8513
with push toy lamb
Smoking Jack-in-the-Box Clown
ITEM 8447
with novelty cigarettes
Smoking Kangaroo
ITEM 8543
with novelty cigarettes
Smoking Martian Troll & Robot
ITEM 8511
Space Smokers boxed set
Smoking Mask Figurine
ITEM 6333
from the Jim Carrey movie The Mask
Smoking Monkey
ITEM 8352
Bangkok Happy Time smoking monkey with keepsake box
Smoking Monkey in Coconut Tree
ITEM 8409
Boxed souvenir. Japan
Smoking Monkey on Tricycle
ITEM 8608
with fruit basket on head
Smoking Pirate
ITEM 8448
with treasure chest and Davy Jones novelty cigarettes
Smoking Pirate Treasure Set
ITEM 8478
Flintlock pistol, pocket watch, Pirateology book and more
Smoking Queen of Darkness
ITEM 8363
with Magic Dragon novelty cigarettes
Smoking Skull
ITEM 8459
Attila the Hun wolf head talisman Magic Dragon cigarettes
Smoking Skull with Miniature Military Helmet
ITEM 8482
and self-smoking cigarettes
Smoking Smokey Bear
ITEM 6480
with canteen and collectibles
Smoking Spaceman Miniatures
ITEM 1598
Set of 2. Boxed.
Smoking Troll
ITEM 8393
Miniature troll blows smoke
Van Gogh Absente Hip Flask
ITEM 8618
and Furry Freak Brothers Marihuana stash box with pipe
Zig Zag Hippie Leather Stash Box
ITEM 8633
with papers, roller, herb grinder and cinch sack
Zippy Cigarette Stash Case
ITEM 8621
and Reefer Madness Edibles Jar
Rings, Charms & Prizes  
Angels and Demon Charm Ring Set
ITEM 8307
Fashion jewelry from the spirit world
Bandai Gashapon Vending Prizes
ITEM 8518
Complete set of prizes & decals
Batman Prize Box
ITEM 6353
Batman & The Penguin candy & toy box
Bone Dice Necklace & Skull Ring
ITEM 8338
in keepsake Mephisto matchbox
Bride of Frankenstein Ring Set
ITEM 6248
3 photo charm rings with glow-in-the-dark pendant
Buddha Plasma Lamp Shrine
ITEM 8520
with incense and meditation ring
Buck Rogers Popsicle Pete Mystery Prize Box
ITEM 6412
Popsicle premium set
Buck Rogers Popsicle Sign
ITEM 3717
Hanging two-sided advertising sign and Radio Gift News prize book
Buddy Bugle
ITEM 8502
Dimestore bugle call whistle with soldier & cannon
Circus Clown Carnival Cane Prize Pencil
ITEM 8632
Novelty pencil cane with vintage clown, bell and streamers
Coffin Bank
ITEM 8461
Wake the dead and greedy skeleton hand snatches your coin
Compass Necklace
ITEM 8468
with keepsake box and treasure map
Cowboy Quick-Draw Flicker Rings
ITEM 8519
2 vintage Vari-vue gum ball prizes
Elephant Action Keychain
ITEM 8548
with pop-up bowler hat
Finicky Fido
ITEM 8496
Spring action flip-over dog on card
Flintstones Bamm-Bamm charm
ITEM 6311
Super detailed metal charm
Golden Rat Fink Ring
ITEM 6455
Gold Finker Ringer with keepsake box
Golliwog Toy Pocket Watch
ITEM 6521
Dimestore toy Japan
Howdy Doody Magnifier Charms
ITEM 6254
Set of 5 charms with magnifying lens
Jonny Quest Magic Ring
ITEM 6385
P.F Flyers premium signal ring on card
Jumping Rabbit
ITEM 8529
Spring-up plastic bunny
Jumping Space Man
ITEM 3800
Plastic novelty suction cup spring-up toy
Little Squirt
ITEM 8510
Vintage novelty toy boxed
Krome Dome Robot
ITEM 1885
miniature robot grows in water
The Mask movie charm ring
ITEM 6289
with box and miniature poster
Missile Man Willie
ITEM 3875
Friendship VII wall walker 1962
Moon Goon charm rings
ITEM 3637
Take Home a Moon Goon Soon
Movie Star Picture Rings
ITEM 8534
Kelloggs Raisin Bran premiums set
The Munsters Vari-Vue Rings
ITEM 6419
Complete set of four flicker rings on card
Orphan Annie's Parents Smoked
ITEM 6355
refrigerator magnet
Osbourne Family Keychains
ITEM 6369
Ozzy Osbourne reality TV show set of four family figures
Popeye & Olive Oyl Flicker Rings
ITEM 6430
pair of vintage Vari-vue rings with Wimpy too
Popsicle Pete
ITEM 6384
Advertising display & Radio Gift News prize book
Rat Fink Ring
ITEM 6277
Finker Ringer in prize capsule
Rat Fink Vending Machine with Prizes
ITEM 6443
Table top vending machine with Rat Fink charms
Robby the Robot Blaster PistolNecklace
ITEM 3606
in keepsake box with miniature Forbidden Planet poster
Robby the Robot Gum Ball Charm
ITEM 1884
Robot pendant with Forbidden Planet mini poster in vending capsule
Space Control Rocket Charm Set
ITEM 3791
Moon Map miniatures boxed set
Space Man Magnifier Charm
ITEM 3543
Gumball prize Hong Kong
Space Navigator Wings
ITEM 3740
Space wings badge on card
Spider-Man Prize Box
ITEM 6360
Candy and toy box with surprises
Terrier Action Keychain
ITEM 8550
Miniature dog with moving mouth
Voodoo Matchbox Charms Set
ITEM 8317
Gumball charms in safety matches box
Wonder Woman Badge
ITEM 6346
BIG 3-inch pinback badge
Thunder Globe Plasma Light Wand
ITEM 8625
Battery operated hand-held plasma globe
Zombie Outbreak Shelter
ITEM 8451
refrigerator magnet
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