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Ka-bala Fortune Telling Game
Item 7297

  • Ka-bala, the mysterious game that tells the future

  • Mystical glow-in-the-dark game consists of big 22" wide playing board with moveable Eye of Zohar, with original instructions and replacement set of 22 tarot fortune cards and indicator marble

  • Game playing instruction sheet is a two-sided guide with Astral Plane divination and key to interpreting fortunes -- complete and in very good condition

  • Playing board is in fine condition -- board tilts on base as divination marble rolls in the track, followed in its course by the moving Eye of Zohar

  • Ka-bala combines astrology, tarot and Ouija style fortune telling -- and can even be played in the dark

  • Original box is in excellent condition with a tag remmant on the front

  • Also included: colorful print of the spooky Ka-bala Game ad

  • Made by Transogram 1967

  • Sold

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