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ToyTent Antique and Collectible Toys
Character Toys
Vintage Toys | Character Figures
Character Toys  
Addams Family Thing Coin Bank
ITEM 6431
Hand grabs coin!
Amos N Andy Walkers
ITEM 5718
Louis Marx & Co. 1930 double set
Batman Utility Belt
ITEM 6490
Ideal 1966 boxed set
ITEM 6222
Hot Wheels Batmobile with custom scaled-up Corgi display
Batmobile Model Kit
ITEM 6216
Burry's advertising promotion
Batmobile Poster
ITEM 9226
Corgi Batman series ad - framed print
Batman Water Pistol Whistle Gun
ITEM 2702
Water squirter whistle
Betty Boop Desk Set
ITEM 6350
Bobble-head pen and Bimbo the Dog clock
B.O. Plenty
ITEM 5865
Louis Marx & Co. 1930s
Bride of Frankenstein Ring Set
ITEM 6248
3 photo charm rings with glow-in-the-dark pendant
Buck Rogers
ITEM 9222
framed print
Buck Rogers - Wilma Deering
ITEM 9223
framed print
Buck Rogers Compass Pocket Watch
ITEM 6628
with Atomic Pistol fob & custom box
Buck Rogers Cracker Bomb
ITEM 3954
with Halco Ace roll caps
Buck Rogers Popsicle Ad
ITEM 40402
Stand-up display stand with easelback
Buck Rogers Popsicle Pete Mystery Prize Box
ITEM 6412
Popsicle premium set
Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Patch
ITEM 3536
Reproduction 1936 design
 ITEM 664
Colorforms playset plus keychain
Charlie McCarthy Radio Party Game & Memoirs
ITEM 6214
Chase Sanborn advertising premiums 1938
Davy Crockett Iron On Transfers
ITEM 6582
set of four transfer sheets
Donald Duck Cola
ITEM 6335
Vintage bottle with replica sign
 ITEM 858
Sergeant Joe Friday shooting gallery. Boxed.
Felix the Cat Dexterity Puzzle
ITEM 6450
Pocket watch style jiggle puzzle
Flash Gordon Space Cap & Goggles
ITEM 3970
with Flash Gordon water pistol
Flintstone Pals on Dino
ITEM 6605
Marx Linemar Fred Flintstone wind-up Japan
Frankenstein Creeping Crawling Hand Bank
ITEM 6438
Battery operated movie monster coin bank
Froggy the Gremlin Buster Brown Collection
ITEM 6260
Big 9" Froggy the Gremlin collectibles set
Froggy the Gremlin Marbles Bag
ITEM 6351
Cloth cinch sack with 15 vintage marbles
Froggy the Gremlin Mini Glider
ITEM 6210
Scale replica Buster Brown premium
Generation X Wall Clock
ITEM 6153
Billy Idol / Gen-X battery operated clock
 ITEM 833
& Lenticular Art Poster
 ITEM 833
Limited edition Desert Storm action figure.
 ITEM 668
Bobble head figure. Boxed.
Howdy Doody Cowboy Clock
ITEM 6297
Battery operated mantel clock. Boxed.
Howdy Doody Ice Cream Prize Brochure
ITEM 6116
1954-1955 Prize Doodle premiums
Howdy Doody Magnifier Charms
ITEM 6254
Set of 5 charms with magnifying lens
Howdy Doody Marbles
ITEM 6505
8 vintage marbles in drawstring bag
Howdy Doody Piano Band
ITEM 5717
Unique Art
Howdy Doody Sand Forms
ITEM 6609
Ideal 1952
Howdy Doody Wrist Watch on Stand New for September 2018
ITEM 6632
Working Ingraham watch with display stand
Howdy Doody Wrist Watch
ITEM 6579
Valdawn watch with presentation tin
Jeff Arnold Automation Pocket Watch
ITEM 6447
Eagle Riders of the Range / Ingersoll boxed set
Jerry Mahoney Jacket Label & Guide
ITEM 6114
Paul Winchell How to be a Ventriloquist
Jerry Mahoney Keychain
ITEM 6520
Paul Winchell's ventriloquist dummy on card
Jetsons Family Spaceship
ITEM 6401
with talking Rosie the Robot Maid
Jonny Quest Magic Ring
ITEM 6385
P.F Flyers premium signal ring on card
Little Rascals / Our Gang
ITEM 6561
Bobble-head Stymie & Buckwheat watch
 ITEM 622
Working reproduction of the 1930's Lone Ranger jiggle puzzle.
Lone Ranger Flashlight Signal Pistol
ITEM 6380
Cheerios premium 1949
Lone Ranger Wall Clock
ITEM 6148
A ToyTent exclusive
Mickey Mouse Bubble Blower
ITEM 6611
Disney Tootsietoy
Mickey Mouse Kazoo
ITEM 6373
Marx Toys - Walt Disney Productions
Mickey Mouse Space ship
ITEM 3565
Masudaya non-fall. Boxed.
Mickey Mouse Wristwatch & Hand Puppet
ITEM 6578
Bradley watch with squeaker puppet
Mr. Peanut Collectibles
ITEM 6622
Planters Peanuts pepper shaker, coin bank & serving jar
The Mummy
ITEM 6372
Little Bigheads figures with shrines & Topps movie monster cards
My Favorite Martian
ITEM 30000
Bobblehead Uncle Martin & Martian Spaceship
Olive Oyl on Popeye spinach can stand
ITEM 6530
Mezco Olive Oyl with custom stand
Orphan Annie 1940 Decoder Pin & Code Book
ITEM 6617
with ring, drink shaker and Ovaltine jar
Orphan Annie's Dog Sandy
ITEM 6618
Marx wind-up dog with suitcase plus 1938 comic book & collectible figurine
Our Gang Fun Kit
ITEM 6224
1937 Little Rascals mail-away advertising premium
Pinocchio Acrobat
ITEM 5818
Walt Disney Productions / Marx Toys 1939
Popeye Anchors
ITEM 6620
Popeye - Olive Oyl - Eugene the Jeep
Popeye & Baggage with Pop-up Parrot
ITEM 5770
Louis Marx & Co. 1932
Popeye Barrel Walker
ITEM 6597
J. Chein
Popeye Basketball Player
ITEM 5811
TPS / Linemar 1957
Popeye Big Time Watch
ITEM 6606
Marx ringing alarm bell toy wristwatch
Popeye Charms
ITEM 6570
Set of 7 comic character anchor charms
Popeye Daily Dime Bank New for September 2018
ITEM 6631
Kalon Mfg. 1956
Popeye Flippo Flashlight
ITEM 6590
with keychain compass
Popeye Hand Puppets
ITEM 6531
Gund Popeye, Olive Oyl, Sweet Pea, Brutus & Wimpy
Popeye Jigger New for September 2018
ITEM 6629
mechanical dancing Popeye
Popeye & Olive Oyl Jiggers
ITEM 5776
Louis Marx & Co. 1936
Popeye Music Box Theater
ITEM 6615
Jewelry box with dancing Popeye
Popeye Pipe & Compass Keychain
ITEM 6587
in nautical brass box
Popeye the Printer
ITEM 6545
1935 Stampercraft set
On hold
Popeye Sparkler
ITEM 6567
J. Chein & Co. 1959
 ITEM 771
Lithographed target. Transogram.
Popeye, Wimpy & Eugene the Jeep
ITEM 6593
Figurines with Popeye compass in delivery crate
Popeye Wristwatch Wall Clock
ITEM 6610
with Eugene the Jeep anchor
Popsicle Pete
ITEM 6384
Advertising display & Radio Gift News prize book
Rufus Flexo New for September 2018
ITEM 8830
Black Americana push puppet Boxed
Royal Canadian Mountie on Moose
ITEM 6551
Hartland Plastics figure on one-of-a-kind hand crafter moose
Santa Claus Cycle
ITEM 5683
Santa on tricycle with ringing bell
Musical Santa Drummer New for September 2018
ITEM 6630
Animated Santa plays Christmas tunes
 ITEM 873
Hot Wheels Christmas 2002. Boxed.
Singing Santa
ITEM 6550
Animated Gemmy Industries Santa Claus
Spider-Man Sight Mask
ITEM 6549
Marvel moving eye mask with Arachno-Vision
Spider-Man Toothbrush Kit
ITEM 6485
Home and travel plus jigsaw puzzle
Superman Clock
ITEM 6294
Battery operated desk or mantel clock
Superman Flashlight Whistle with compass
ITEM 6591
with miniature Superman figure
Superman Krypto-Ray Gun
ITEM 2710
Daisy projector pistol
Superman Rollover Plane New for September 2018
ITEM 5896
Louis Marx &apm; Co. 1940
Toonerville Trolley
ITEM 6096
Geo. Borgfelt
Tpaka Tpoukas Ski Hut Playset
ITEM 6230
El Greco toys
Wimpy Syroco Figurine
ITEM 6565
with Eugene the Jeep & magic crate
Wimpy with Hamburgers on Spinach Can Stand
ITEM 6574
Posable figure on Popeye spinach can
Wonder Woman Badge
ITEM 6346
BIG 3-inch pinback badge
Figures, Dolls & Bears  
Abiner Smoothie Bear & Gund Pocket Watch
ITEM 8570
Gund bear in smoking jacket with gold watch & fob
April O'Neil
ITEM 6008
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990
Beetlejuice Shish Kebab
ITEM 6034
Dick Tracy - Influence
ITEM 6124
Playmates 1990
Dick Tracy - Steve the Tramp
ITEM 6123
Playmates 1990
 ITEM 341
Lost in Space!
Monkey in Sweater
ITEM 8623
Juans Corp. long-tailed plush monkey
The Penguin
ITEM 6035
Batman - DC Comics
Spawn No-Body
ITEM 1733
Todd McFarlane ultra-action figure on card
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